Monday, August 20, 2012

From Kidderminster to Stouport video

A surprisingly quiet trip. On any other day when I wasn't filming it's chock.

And then my camera fell off its mounting just as I'm about to get stuck in town due to the parking. Managed to grab it off the dash and drop it onto the passenger seat. Couldn't turn off the recording though until I was parked up. I found a neat little editor for Android called VidTrim; not as intuitive as it could be (am I clipping out the bit I've highlighted or keeping it?) but it's simple enough and free.


Anonymous said...

i do very much object to being included in this home video, without my permission... I hope you do have very good legal cover... Infringement of my rights i feel; however must also point out that the stretch of road you indicated to be a 50 mph road, running from the bottom of Comberton Hill to the council depots is in fact a 40, as indicated by your video... which, by your admission you were speeding, and have posted proof. Would you like me to inform the Police for you?

FlipC said...

I'll assume no sarcasm so...
point one this is in public with no expectation of privacy and is being used for non-commercial purposes therefore no permission is required.

Secondly you are correct the speed limit is 40mph and I was doing 40mph I have corrected the annotation.