Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A dead alarm clock

I buy clocks electric or wind-up and they only seem to last a couple of years before something goes wrong with them; not so my Citizen CrystalTalk clock. A transparent cube with two gold pyramids set point to point in the middle that light up. A large button on the top that could be pressed to tell the time and snooze the alarm. A simple LCD displayed clock set in the base with time, date, alarm and stopwatch; takes 2 AA batteries.

I've had it over 20 years and last night it finally died. Well the clock still works, but the sound is kerput so no alarm.

Try searching for one on Google and you'll just get some news pieces from 1986. Nothing on Amazon, nothing on eBay. It seems they've stopped making them and no-one has a working one they wish to sell. So now I've got to try and find a similar replacement.

20 years; a birthday present from my parents - it's like losing a friend.

[Update - had to settle for the T-10 from Cobalt; a UFO shaped one looked nice but was too large]

[Update - just a additional response due to Orphi's "take it apart and fix it" upon closer examination there are two screws on the battery holder and that's it. I'll unscrew them and see if the base lifts off. Otherwise it's a sealed unit]


Orphi said...

You realise it might be something that's really easy to fix, right? I mean, it could just be that a wire has come lose or something…

As an aside, I note that this very reliable model has gone out of production while all the unreliable models are still going strong. I guess there's just no repeat business to be had from something that doesn't break every fives seconds. :-P

FlipC said...

Trouble is getting into it, then trying to spot what's wrong and then getting it back together again. But yeah something that reliable they can't sell every two years.

Orphi said...

They say “the free market produces the best products”. But best for who?

The customer wants something that's reliable and works well. Something they're not going to have to constantly spend a fortune on. But the manufacturer wants the customer to spend a fortune!

Anonymous said...

I have a CrystalTalk in mint condition. Let me know if you are still interested. I will, most likely, post it on eBay.

FlipC said...

It's tempting, but as I've bought and now settled with the T-10 I doubt it's something I'd bid on. Thank you for the thought though.