Monday, January 23, 2012

An end to the office saga

As mentioned we were still waiting for the new routers to be installed along with the VPN. Well they didn't turn up when they said they would - they turned up early. In fact they turned up while the engineer was fitting the new switchboard.

"I didn't expect you until later" I said
"Well we thought we'd get it done now" came the reply.

That would be fine except they need to install a router at each end and there wasn't anyone available at the other because it wasn't scheduled for that day.

So one router was installed and the software to hook it to the computers was trial-run on one of our machines. It talked to the phone system without a problem, but it wasn't possible to use the Call Contact facility from within Outlook and our telephone database wasn't imported.

A reschedule and they visited the other site to install the router - no problem; but didn't install the software because it was password protected and they didn't bother to call to gain access.

More calls - we've not got the system fully working and we've had no training on what has been installed. In the meantime I dug about online and found the manual for the switchboard which included a lot of the things I needed to know.

We got the training except it was a little pointless as most of it would have been for the software that we still didn't have up and running.

Supposedly they're coming today to install and import, but I don't know at what time because no-one's said.


walkerno5 said...

Flip, being technologically far more literate than me you may have taken care of this already, just a word of general warning on new phone systems, especially given the training gap.

We had our phones hacked and £ 3k+ of calls made in about 48 hours, as some people had not set up a good pin number for their voicemail - they defaulted to 0000, so the hackers could just tap in and then use our system to make calls via the voicemail. So you might want to check pin numbers or turn off that feature altogether if you have it.

FlipC said...

No hey the reminder is always worth giving and in this case it was something that currently slipped my mind.

I have just checked and as I suspected the DISA (Direct Inward System Access) that allows outside calls to be made from another outside call has been disabled.