Monday, January 30, 2012

Building works

Little birds tweeting in my ear.

Firstly that planning should soon be submitted for the Basin Link on the old Lloyds Garage site - this would explain the surveyors who've been around last week. Said birdy also intimates that the old Hairdresser/current Stourport museum doesn't feature in said plans. As I believe this to be a listed structure that could be interesting. Likewise this seems to be a mixed-use development which suggests residential property sitting above the commercial property that was supposedly planned for this area; this hints that Engine Lane may stay as a vehicular access (unsurprisingly as it leads to various properties) with the pedestrian access we've been led to expect running alongside it.

Secondly little birdies bringing me rumours that with the closure of Tan Lane School behind the current Tesco - the superstore may choose to expand their current location rather than move into the Mitton Street site. After all the fuss and cost to get permission, plus work sunk into the site regarding the road alterations, and with a nagging memory that Cllr Oborski has already stated the site is earmarked for residential property I don't see it happening; but I thought it worth reporting.

On a final note I took a walk around the basin area and the new Tesco site for a closer look (photos to follow). What most caught my eye was the current barricades around the entrance to Severn Road on the bend in Mitton Street. The pavement has been closed off as there's a hole in it, but beyond that both it and the road surface has been laid and is perfectly safe to use (in my non-expert opinion). So why is it still shuttered away? No-one's working on that end of the road and beyond the one hole it all seems finished; removal of the barricades will re-widen that lane and ease the flow around this tight narrow corner. Methinks a chat with the Hub is in order.