Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bias, timing, or simply better PR

On the 13th of January Tav over at the WFA published a list of what our County representatives had spent their £10k fund on to help benefit their division. Of the members listed only one, Councillor Clee, had yet to spend anything.

Imagine my surprise therefore when on the 17th the Shuttle decided to dedicate an entire article to all the charities that will "beneft" from his funding; just his funding and no-one else's. Checking the up-to-date register it seems Cllr Clee gave (in the order as presented by the Shuttle) to:

The Chaddesley Corbett Cricket Club on the 10th;

The 9th Kidderminster Scout Group on the 13th;
Night Stop Wyre Forest on the 5th; The Wyre Forest Sports Partnership on the 13th; and
The Wyre Forest Young Voices on the 13th.

Which is interesting as the article also list the Odell Centre; Rushock Village Hall and the Emily Jordan Foundation which aren't listed, but misses out the Wyre Forest Glades Leisure Centre on the 13th and Mentor Link on the 5th which are.

Now perhaps I just missed them, but I don't recall the articles published when Fran or John etc. handed out money from the fund; I also find it interesting that it is not mentioned even in passing that other councillors have these funds and have been using them.