Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Android printing on Canon

A need arose to print some photos from an Android phone; as we have a network printer this should just be the case of providing them with access to the network (all the PCs require user credentials to access so no overt security concern), locate the printer, and then print. Should be much easier than an iPhone - hah.

It couldn't locate the printer on a scan; it couldn't locate it when I entered the IP address. A check on Canon's site informed me of the Canon Easyprint Android App. One download later and... it still can't find the printer. Further checks show others having exactly the same problem with this particular model (an MX850).

Of course I wouldn't have downloaded it in the first place if they'd provided a list of compatible printers but Canon don't seem to grasp the connect there as I've encountered the same problem when they happily explained how AirPrint worked with "AirPrint-enabled printer[s]" without bothering to link to any such printer.

Seriously here's the thought - having explained a feature maybe, just maybe, I'd be interested in purchasing one of your products that possesses it and would thus like to see my options to do so.

Addendum - before anyone asks no I couldn't locate a USB micro lead to plug it in directly and when examining the Canon products AirPrint or Easyprint compatible aren't filterable options.


Orphi said...

Why would they care? I mean — they've already got your money, right?

Now, if they could somehow charge you money…

FlipC said...

"they've already got your money, right?" Well in this instance yes, but if I had an iPhone and was looking to buy a wireless printer I'd visit the Canon site and the AirPrint page then shrug my shoulders and head over to Epson or HP.

Sweet Fairy said...

I haven't try it yet. Can i print Plastic cards by any laser printer?

FlipC said...

Not sure what that has to do with Android printing, but laser printers seal the ink using heat - so you'd need a plastic that would both absorb it and not melt.