Monday, March 07, 2011

Well done Hyundai

As mentioned I had a rumbling noise in my car that I thought may be down to my tyre being deflated; that repaired most excellently I still had the rumbling.

Logically as my car is still under warranty I should take it to my authorised Hyundai dealer (AHD). However after all the wait and travel last time I thought I'd get a first opinion from the garage less than five minutes walk away. It may turn out to be something minor.

My exhaust was blowing whatever that means (yes I know now) and a new part was going to cost [choke] how much?

Now the garage did wonder if it was under warranty so I contacted Hyundai directly - exhaust is not covered. Oh well time to bite the bullet. Product ordered, and fitted.

"Can I see the old exhaust please?" I asked.
It was duly brought out and examined. Much discussion and the result was this wasn't a hole, it wasn't corrosion - the seams had blown out. On a car this old with this mileage - no way; this is a manufacturer's defect.

As such had I taken it into the AHD I wouldn't have to pay a penny; yet I'd only taken it in here because I was told it wouldn't be covered.

I contacted Hyundai told gave them the skinny and was told that I'd need to take the old exhaust into the AHD to confirm this. Then I had another call - send us the invoice and we'll reimburse you; no examination necessary.

They could have kicked up a fuss; I could have kicked up a fuss; but nope all neatly settled. How surprisingly mature.