Friday, March 18, 2011

Split Second car list

Although there are vehicle lists for this game available online I've yet to see one that features the actual characteristics of them in an easy to view manner. To remedy that here we go.

Cobretti 455 GT133411
Cobretti 530 GTS732719
Cobretti Cascade584623
Cobretti GT RS374418
Cobretti GT500395522
Cobretti Iridium286218
Cobretti Nero GT400366217
Cobretti Pursuit694625
Cobretti Slipstream462820
Cobretti Vortex443617
Elite 440 BRN677626
Elite 440 Special677626
Elite Goliath9210324
Elite GT1210611027
Elite S510 (RP) (VX)334717
Hanzo Bayonet R452617
Hanzo FX350773825
Hanzo FX350 CX133411
Hanzo GT5105424
Hanzo Indus V8R134513
Ryback Bandit328215
Ryback Brawler185115
Ryback Coyote5106425
Ryback Coyote AMX286218
Ryback Cyclone RS832720
Ryback Cyclone Special835723
Ryback Firestorm6105728
Ryback Mohawk (XDX)275317
Ryback Thunder629219
Ryback Titan749424
Ryback Tornado257115

Those cars with brackets as part of the name mean that a different liveried version is available, but that the specs remain the same as the non suffixed version.

Point-wise both the Cobretti 455 GT and the Hanzo FX350 CX trail the pack with 11 and the Ryback Firestorm in pole position with 28.

Though if you want pure speed you're looking at the Elite GT12 provided you don't mind that looking at it too hard will break it :-)