Monday, March 28, 2011

Those London anti-cut 'riots'

Once again a protest is marred by violence perpetrated by only a minute number of the overall attending; and once again this is what becomes the focus of certain aspects of the media. Ignoring the close-up shots of the violence it's when the picture pulls back that something interesting becomes apparent. We see a small group getting ready to throw or smash ringed by a much larger group bearing cameras.

Did any one of those try to stop the rioters? This group were clearly intent of creating criminal damage, did any of those of the press corps say anything, did they try to stop them, did they call for the police, did they stick around to offer a witness statement? Or was it a case of:

"I'm going to smash this window in!"
"Okay but can you wait until I get into position first to get a clean shot?"

Perhaps the police should scan the media and make a note of those who obviously witnessed the criminal incident; contact them and ask what action they took to prevent this from happening. I mean if they did say anything even remotely such as I suggest that's aiding, abetting, or inciting.

[Update - Good old NewsThump - Media concern as photographers per violent protester ratio falls below thirty]