Thursday, June 14, 2007

Slowdown in creation

So irony of ironies I'm using Internet Explorer 6 to write this, because in both Firefox and Opera it's so slow as to be scary. I normally use Firefox as for some reason Opera doesn't wrap the text correctly, but now it's even worse. You couldn't even type into the field. You'd click the cursor into it and start typing and nothing would appear; in the end I had to hold down the mouse button in the field and start typing at the same time. Only then did it 'stick'.

Maybe it's my setup, well I scotched that idea by trying it out on another computer and although quicker you could stil see the slowdown in both Opera and Firefox, again with Opera having the same non-stick problem.

Now on my dashboard I note that they've created a draft version of blogger and one of the alterations is the addition of video uploading. So I tried that version of create with exactly the same results - neat.

Might be a glitch I'll give it some time to correct itself before mentioning it on the group.