Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Olympian sized stupidity.

So we've got the under-estimated budget for the works what else can we screw-up? I caught the 2012 Olympic logo yesterday on GMTV flashing faster then a pervert on speed, made me blink a couple of times. I didn't even see the 2012 until it was pointed out on a static version it just looked like a squiggle to me, or maybe that was just the after-images settling down.

Apparently the logo, oops sorry...

The new emblem is dynamic, modern and flexible. It will work with new technology and across traditional and new media networks.
Yeah I'm kind of wondering how much money got ploughed into this without one single person holding up a hand and saying "Do you think we might have a problem with rapidly moving flashing images on a TV broadcast?" Oh that's alright it only affects a small number of people, who could just be induced to have a fit and die, nothing to worry about there.

Maybe when the Olympics are screened they could have put up an announcement telling people who might have problems just to close their eyes while they play it. Nah they've done the right thing and removed that four second clip, do you think the advertising agency or whoever will still get paid for it?

So on the official site we've got a full 3:55 advert. I was trying to work out exactly what it was supposed to be about and how it fitted in with the Olympics. Luckily the transcript has this to say
"The new 2012 brand film shows how people from all walks of life can be inspired to transform their lives and achieve their personal goals."
Which of course is what the Olympics is all about. Ignore the bribe allegations, the drug scandals no no it's all about inspiration. Yep and here we can see how one young girl was 'inspired'
When I was 14, I was 23 stone. I couldn’t walk down the street without someone saying something: bullying me or hitting me or spitting at me. I realised that that’s not a way for a 14-year-old to live.

I’ve lost eight stone. I’m also helping other kids with their weight problems. I work with a health magazine. It’s quite rewarding that I’ve done this for myself but I can also do it for other people.

And the government and society are trying to stop this type of inspiration from occurring; shame on them.