Thursday, June 14, 2007

Advertising, Bully, advertising.

So as did the BBC morning news heavily promote "Dancing [whatever]" so too does GMTV pimp "Britain's Got Talent", which means 10 second ads every so often and a few minutes of a couple of acts. Still it could be worse it could be Big Brother they're pushing as they have done.

Okay this is annoying for some reason my CPU is maxing out as I type, doesn't do it when I edit a previously published entry just this unpublished one. So here I am typing away and watching as my words slowly appear on the screen as if transcribed there by a hunt-and-peck typist.

It's also completely blown my train-of-thought.

Ah Sony are still sticking to 1.70 on the backwards compatibility list despite 1.80 having been released on May 24th.

I've been recently playing the notorious Canis Canem Edit (Bully) and found it to be rather good. A few camera annoyances; clipping bug, the usual suspects. Nothing that really detracts from the game. I can see why Jack Thompson and Keith Vazwanted it banned; after all you can beat-up people and kiss boys - shocking.

A couple of annoyances so far. First up is the Shop Class, follow the on screen prompts to pass. Up pops an icon of a thumbstick with an "L" in it with a rotating arrow heading clockwise. "Ah" I think "I should rotate the left thumbstick clockwise" I do so and fail. Not to worry I get two more attempts at this time. Same icon, same action on my part - fail. Maybe I'll find out what I'm doing wrong next class.

Secondly is the clock. You're not allowed to be in the school after 7pm, so upon finishing a task and finding myself close to 'Trespassing' I headed out the door with little time to spare. Only to find that in the loading time between leaving the school and getting outside the time had elapsed and I was tagged anyway and had to scurry around outside avoiding the prefects until my trouble meter had elapsed.

And finally I had some prefect chasing me for something who wouldn't back off. My trouble meter was at zero I'd hide in lockers or bins out of his sight and he'd just run up to my hiding place and stay there. That propped a reload.

I note Asda are heavily advertising their milk now. 'Ah we only produce milk for Asda' says one of the dairy farmers. Nice bet you're not owned by Asda though, I'm sure that gives great weight to contract negotiations.

Tesco have got into the act too, with their local range; I bet it's hard to find local produce given that so many farms etc. have been bankrupted by um let's say economic hardship.

And Dove are still promoting their Campaign for Real Beauty which of course applies only to females and is not in any way contradicted by advertising self-tanning lotions too. Hmm 'Campaign for Real Handsomeness'? Doesn't have the same ring does it?


Anonymous said...

Games havent changed that much really,only the people have.

Check out this classic golden oldie.For those that remember the original game on the 48k spectrum :)

Can beat up other pupils and shoot ppl with catapults etc (no kissing tho) :)Great fun..

FlipC said...

Ah but it's also become big business see. It used to be only a handful of spotty nerds who played computer games, now they're being aimed at a larger demographic and people have to be protected. "Won't someone please think of the children"

The only bright side is that it's dragging the media up to the modern day; no more stories about young thugs playing Doom and Quake; ha yeah right.