Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Water, smoking, and internet dating.

So the Teme has burst and Tenbury Wells got on the map with GMTV. Didn’t see anyone I knew, but it was a bit early. This made me wonder if I’d actual put up all the photos of Tenbury…that would be a no – damn; so much to do.

So anyone else expected a hosepipe ban to come into force for July? “Wrong type of rain” they’ll cry. “The ground’s too saturated and it’s just running off” been there commented on that.

We’ve also got the smoking ban coming into force shortly; reading through the legislation is a laugh. By default you can’t smoke in an enclosed public area, and yet the owners of said premises need to put up no smoking signs or be fined. Excuse me? By default you can’t smoke, so why do we need signs? Do all new cars have to come with a little sticker in the windscreen telling you not to use a non hands-free mobile phone while driving? Do many riders lead their horses into shops because the sign only indicates no dogs?

Someone says it’s for foreigners; expect I don’t see road signs every 100 yards reminding them to stay on the left and shouldn’t the signs be available in languages other then English?

We always say ignorance of the law is no excuse so why the need for signage and why the penalties for not displaying them?

A phrase I saw struck me “She didn’t want her mother to know we’d met over the internet” Is there still this social stigma over internet dating? Is it still felt that the only way to pair is through going out to social events and hoping that you meet someone who shares similar interests? Perhaps it’s seen as cheating, you write-up your details someone else writes up theirs; if they match you contact them. No awkward “What sort of music do you like?” no need for pick-up lines. Is it still “Hah you couldn’t find someone socially and had to turn to the net; what a loser”?