Monday, June 04, 2007

Back to the parochial

The CCTV post in York Street has something on top of it now. Looks like a light, but it's difficult to tell. I'll have to get a shot. While in York Street the pot hole (yes the same one as before, and before, and...) is re-sinking. I'd love to be in a position to express surprise, but I can't.

The holes at the entrance to Worcester Road have been marked out in white, good news in that this suggests they'll be fixed soon, and that it makes them easier to see to steer around.

On Worcester Road the work continues apace outside Thomas Vale. The former pub, business link, training centre, whatever is coming down for a set of new houses to build there. Well according to the planning permission that's what's going there. On the other hand prior to the fencing going up around the site a couple of boards left in the car-park suggested it was going to become a car showroom on a par with Worcester Street Motors further up. Well suggestion is suggestion and planning is planning; so I'll have to go for houses.

Down to the bridge and the hole outside the Crown is becoming a liability. If the lights are on green and nothing's coming you can switch lanes to go around it. If the lights are red you can stop and creep over it. It's when the lights are green and there's still traffic in the other lane you get the problem. You can cut inside it, but the other part of that lane is none to smooth either and a twist will send you head first into the start of the brick parapet that runs along the bridge.

Good news/bad news on that score. Good news - they've started to pour concrete onto the bridge, a foreman was taking photos as I went past (no doubt due to the last debacle) so it's just a cause of paving over the top. Bad news is that means they've almost finished that section of the bridge which means they'll be moving on to the other parts.

So why's that bad news? Well if they're going to properly repave the rest of the bridge and the continuing road they'll need to strip it down first. To do that means they'll need to do it one lane at a time and require traffic control. The first part they'll be repaving is likely to be the area with the traffic sensors in place; and that means dumb traffic lights. Then again the intelligent ones haven't exactly been the epitome of good function.

Oh and on a minor humourous note, some time ago the signs stating completion by Spring 2007 began to sport a white-out sticker replacing Spring with Summer. As someone joked "It means they're back on schedule"