Thursday, March 15, 2007

Confession under torture

So the mastermind behind 9/11 has confessed. He's also admitted responsibility for the World Trade Center bombing and some bombings in Bali and Kenya. He instigated the failed shoe-bomber attack, plus the plans to attack other key sites.

There are some questions over whether these confessions were as a result of torture, a question brought into sharp focus by a document revealing some extra confessions previous blacked out.

In this document Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesses to being the cause of Hurricane Katrina; of planting operatives in Arthur Anderson to falsely 'cook' American companies books, to having implemented 'New' Coke; to planting pretzels in strategic areas around the President's office; and to convincing Britney she'd look great bald. He also admits to training a crack force of stealth operatives whose only task was to break into American homes and move the owner's car-keys.

Apparently as an afterthought he also asked that 278 cases of armed robbery and 579 burglaries also be taken into account, clearing the Washington's police back-log of unsolved crimes in a single stroke.


Anonymous said...

The Fbi also have had his two children for the past 4 years "somewhere" in the Us.

Electrodes and waterboardings +your children as a backup plan if you dont confess......truely scarey what the Us has become.

FlipC said...

For their own safety I'm sure.

On a similar note I'm unsure what country you're posting from, but have you been following the story regarding the 'friendly fire incident? Mistakes happen in war, people get killed; but there's a difference between accident and negligence and it shouldn't be up to the responsible military department to determine which is which.