Friday, December 18, 2009


Caught a quick section on the local news, Wednesday I think, about the gritting being planned. The reporter told us that normally the grit is mixed with molasses to help it stick to the road, but this time they're not doing that because sugar is so expensive.

Who's paying for this, oh wait it's us. And if you asked us if we wanted the most efficient method of keeping traffic flowing and lowering the accident rate or the cheapest method which do you think we'd pick?

Yes there's a balance to be kept, but this isn't like cutting the hours on litter pickers this is life and death here. It's all very well for the police to ask for you only to drive "If necessary" yes keeping my job is necessary, keeping the country working is necessary. As for the call to use public transport, tell that to my cousin who's local service was cancelled. Gods you can almost guarantee that those coming out with these things are all based in London.


Orphi said...



How the hell does that even work anyway? Seriously, this sounds like an urban myth. Do we have a reliable source?

Anyway, while it was quite snowy outside my house this morning, that's about all the snow I've seen. When I arrived at work, there was more snow on my car than on the ground.

FlipC said...

As sources go how about the BBC? Fifth image's captions.

So far no snow here, just cold. There's some expected later and over the weekend though.

Orphi said...

The linked page seems to suggest that molasses is a new thing they're trialling, rather than something they've always done and are now stopping…

FlipC said...

To be precise a new thing in Cumbria. Other authorities have been using it.