Friday, December 04, 2009

80022A07 PS3 Trophy Error

Just as the trophy bar to the left doesn't update until I log in at so to does the trophy tally on my PS3 not update until I try to do something with the PSN network.

[Update 3/3- this page has been getting a lot of hits presumably due to the Big Glitch]

What this means is that every so often I select either myself or use the Triangle options to sync trophies manually. Up until roughly November this was a doddle - hit the button watch the percentage gauge fill and finish. After November it's been a case of hitting the button watching the percentage gauge progress then having it beep telling me of a 80022A07 error.

Now as I'd just a) updated my hard drive and b) updated the system software; this simple numerical code was pretty useless to me. Was it my system? No it wasn't. The official reply is that this error is caused by high load on the trophy server and that they're looking to expand to eliminate it.

Excellent, but why the sudden load? What would cause so many people to be logging on at once to the PSN servers and thus causing the stress on the trophy server that gets hit each time that happens?

I've no idea. It's almost as if some game was released near the beginning of November that had a large multiplayer component. Something that was widely publicised and anticipated and sold oh I don't know approximately 4.7 million units in both the United States and the UK in the first 24 hours of its release.

Nah wouldn't be anything like that would it? I mean they'd know about that months in advance and have everything ready for it. I'm just baffled.


Orphi said...

So…much…sarcasm. :-D

FlipC said...

Hope I didn't cause an overload, but seriously it's still going on.