Friday, December 11, 2009

Letter to the Shuttle - Stour Bridge

As mentioned in an update to my "Letter to the Shuttle" I had a reply from Clive Joyce that the work isn't going to be as bad as stated.

The exact words used from Clive were "the bridge work will take half a day and will not be closed during that time". So let me quote the notice from the 3/10 Shuttle.

to close that part of A4025 Worcester Road, Stourport-on-Severn from its junction with A451 Mitton Street to its junction with B4193 Hartlebury Road.

The Order is being made to facilitate planning and surfacing works
However it is expected that this Order will only be operative for 5 days commencing 14 January 2010

So that notice for a five-day closure apparently equates to half-day non-closure? Gosh silly me.

Okay give some extra time, cover eventualities as notice has to be given for work to be done; but dammit can anyone be surprised when this sort of thing pops up in the newspaper and no-one seems to bother pointing out that in reality it's likely to be only half-day non-closure?

It's called public relations people, if you don't do it we'll just get the impression that you don't actually care and expect us to accept your decrees with no complaint. Then we'll kick you out next chance we can.