Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Kinect problem

Okay so it turns out I'm a prophet. Sadly this didn't mean a premonition of the winning lottery tickets, but almost 3 years ago I did point a potential issue about Microsoft's new Kinect system

"Also worth a mention those techy type shows such as The Big Bang Theory where the characters play on-screen with an XBox

Character: "Xbox: Channel 1"
Viewer: "... hey what just happened? I was watching that.""
Guess what happened to those people watching the live streaming of Microsoft's new XBox One reveal with built-in Kinect system?
Several viewers sporting 360s with connected Kinects discovered the device was responding to commands being spoken by Microsoft representatives during the live stream. Responses to the commands varied from the video being paused to the console itself being shut down.
Gosh how could anyone have possibly predicted that sort of thing could happen?