Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Allen invasion dream

Is there anything more boring than listening to someone else's dreams - reading about them perhaps :-)

As I've mentioned previously I normally don't recall my dreams unless ill; in those cases rather than fantastical they all seem to make sense with only one or two true oddities creeping in. In this instance it was just so damn detail-oriented.

I was at work with DaBoss and a large shadow passed overhead with an accompanying loud noise. I stepped outside with him and looked up to see a flying ship like an upside pyramid made of metal, the undersides of which were a set of individually moving plates rather than a seamless whole.

Looking around I could see more in the distance with some producing smoke. I thought they'd been damaged, but from the angle I could see that the tops weren't flat but had been built upon with a large industrial style chimney rising from the centre which was the cause of the smoke.

I pulled out my camera ans started recording; I'm engrossed in this and don't notice another type of ship approaching; this one shaped like a snake that moves through the air in a sinuous manner. As it drops to ground level before me I see that its sides are made of green cubes with gold inlay and each move independently to the other. The front turns towards me and I see it has a convex circle of red light; a scoop drops down in front of it and it starts to move towards me. The circle changes and displays a photo of Einstein, then morphs into Bruce Forsyth, then Will Smith.  I back off and it loses interest and flies off revealing a different ground-based machine behind it.

It's a mini-train, but the wheels don't rotate as it moves. The driver section appears to be an old-fashioned ticket booth made of wood with a sign on the front panel declaring that admission is 10¢. It's occupied/driven by a stereotypical Grey who is snarling at me displaying its sharp teeth. As it passes me by I see the train is made up of a set of barred cages and inside are people, but they are grinning at me with a vacant expression.

As the cages pull alongside me the door opens and they start to pile out - an old lady with grey hair and wearing a plastic mac steps out and proclaims "I'm new in town" the others repeat the mantra. A bare-chested young man tries to grab me; I push him off and run back to the office with DaBoss. The man chides me with "Be civilised"

Inside the boss moves to the front office while I try to hold the door. He doesn't return to my frantic cries and I step back to see him trying to contain some liquid in a flask. He's so concentrated on this he doesn't notice one of the crowd has managed to push the window out of its frame and is about to grab him.

Meanwhile the door has been opened and the crowd is piling in towards me. I run to the back door, but realise I don't have the key to unlock it; so I turn and race up the stairs. I realise I'm still recording so I save it and try to upload it.

My last thought before I wake up is "I hope this upload doesn't cancel it's important that a record is made".

I can see where a lot of that came from - the triangular based ships sounds like "Independence Day" which would also explain the Will Smith reference, but I've not seen that in some time or anything like it. Why they had industrial style settlements on the tops I don't know.

The snake is from the game "God of War: Accession", but why it was made up of cubes I don't know. It was really quite amazing to watch them move around. The front is a Vorlon/Kosh eye from "Babylon 5" something I've mentioned to others about wanting to watch again. Not sure about the scoop. As for Einstein to Bruce Forsyth? Not a clue.

An American ticket booth - Silent Hill perhaps I've seen the second film recently enough for that amusement park vibe to creep in. The Grey was a stereotype. The people; didn't know them, didn't recognise them. Why they were acting in this manner beats me.

DaBoss struggling with the liquid - no idea; why I was so desperate to upload my video again nope.

Just fascinating (to me at least) what is swirling around in my brain and how it expresses itself. The main consistency I found is in the senses that are involved. Sight is primary, sound seems to be an after-effect in that I remember that I heard something rather than experiencing it directly. Loss of equilibrium often recurs in that I get dizzy or start to fall. It's also always me doing the watching, I've never outside myself seeing what I do.

I rarely smell anything, but when I do it's like sight - a direct experience, even more rarely do I taste anything and then it is like sound - an indirect recall. I've never felt pain, or changes in temperature, and I think I've only experienced a time-alteration once (things slowing down). I don't ever seem to be hungry or thirsty, but do recall wanting to urinate.

Visualisation seems to be my thing, not sure why but it does produce some awesome things to see.