Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The stupidity of Barclays Banking forms

I've just had to fill in a details form for a third-party mandate on a business bank account and got stuck quite quickly due to the atrocious wording being presented to me, try this for yourself:

Fields highlighted in BLUE and with an asterisk must be completed
So is that fields highlighted in blue and with an asterisk; or fields highlighted in blue and fields with an asterisk? This wouldn't be a problem if every blue field had an asterisk but some don't. So I have: field in blue with an asterisk, field in blue, and field in black. Which ones do I have to fill out?

It asks me for my current address; easy enough but then:
If you have lived there less than three years please enter previous address(es)
Which is both in blue and has an asterisk. Given I've lived at my current address more than three years exactly how do I fill this address field and attached blue asterisked postcode field as well as the blue asterisked follow up question:
When did you move into your previous address
No there's nothing in the Guide to completing the form on the back that gives any indication as to what to do in this instance, but re-reading does highlight the following:
Please ensure your signature is FULLY CONTAINED within the blue box
The box is white.

Good to see banks are so on the ball.


Unknown said...

A shame too because there are some really great custom forms out there