Friday, April 12, 2013

Ban this filth? Ding dong!

In the wake of Baroness Thatcher's death the song "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" is topping the UK download charts. As a service to its listeners the BBC plays the songs currently in the chart. The Daily Mail is foaming at the mouth over this.

Their argument is that the BBC have banned other songs in the past so they should be able to ban this one. Why were the songs banned - explicit sexual lyrics, overt drug references etc. Point those out to me in "Ding Dong". Of course in this day and age that seems a bit fuddy-duddy which is why the BBC haven't banned a song since 1984.

The big joke here is that it's the free-market, individualistic, keep-your-nose-out-of-my-business, right-wing Daily Mail telling the state-control, communist, your-business-is my-business BBC to put a ban in place. Of course this isn't in any way surprising.

Right-wing media are all for trying to ban things they don't like while at the same time whinging on about 'the state' and the 'loony-Left' banning things they do like. Banning conkers - ridiculous (and untrue); banning a song currently in the charts - perfectly reasonable. For them this dissonance makes perfect sense, but how?

It's really very simple. The ban's they don't like are instigated by 'the Left' and therefore a slap in the face to the individual Briton who wants to decide things for themselves. The things they don't like are also instigated by 'the Left' and therefore also a slap in the face to the individual Briton who doesn't want to be forced into doing something. (For example the current chart-topping is due to Left-wing agitators on the 'internets')

On the other hand bans instigated by 'the Right' are a blow for the average Briton in an effort to protect them from the perverse left; and the things they do like are things obviously liked by the average upstanding Briton and thus shouldn't be removed.

This is how the a Right-wing newspaper calling for a opt-in scheme for online pornography (to protect the children) can happily take snaps of said children in skimpy clothes and plaster them all over its own website, because it's all down to intent.

The Left want to ban or enforce things simply for the sake of their ideology whereas the Right want to ban or enforce things because it's the right thing to do. Well, you know, the right thing to do according to them, and who else are they going to listen to - the Left? Don't make me laugh.

Yet despite all this browse through the media of all political stripes and the pattern that appears to me is that the right-wing media are the only ones who call for a ban on something. Those communist control-everything media outlets don't seem to want to ban anything.

How weird.


Jon Halsall said...

The same people who complained about Levason want press interference here.

FlipC said...

Exactly because interfering with what they do is wrong, but them interfering is good.