Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The continuing coverage of the death of Baroness Thatcher

Obviously not paying attention to the Daily Mash's guide; the media is still flogging tins of Asda cornbeef. What has been interesting is playing compare and contrast to both 'sides' of the what did you think of Thatcher debate.

Watching the news I heard someone from the Midlands mention the unemployed miners, but was quizzed with "But she let you buy your council house" to which the reply came "Yes I don't know where we'd be now if we couldn't have done that". Um try either living in a new house that you bought with the money you would have spent buying the council house or... in the same council house.

Apparently she also did so much for the country one man pointed out that his mortgage was 15% so she led the way to better interest rates. Yes by putting interest rates up to 17% to curb inflation.

She also apparently wanted to legalise homosexuality, yet under her regime Section 28 was passed banning the teaching of homosexuality and she openly mocked such groups in her speeches.

She wanted a smaller state and less dependency on it cutting services and privatising industry - yet raised VAT from 8% to a whopping 15% and increased spending to 48% of the GDP

But she increased the GDP. Indeed just ignore the recessions at both the beginning and end of the growth period that meant an average increase of only 2.3% (Under Blair we averaged 2.5%)

The divide between rich and poor got wider, but at least the 'poor' had more money in real terms so they were better off. Well yes provided they had a job; unemployment hit 11.8%

So much fun to watch those who praise her ignoring the second part of those arguments while those who castigate her ignore the first part.