Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Loading the question - bias what bias?

The Conservatives are interested in how fair you think their benefit reforms are and to get as much input as possible have, allegedly, launched an online ad:

Currently this ad doesn't feature on the Conservative's own site but has been picked up by a few others. There is a leaflet using the same imagery and featuring the Conservative logo and printing details; so it might well be genuine. Seriously though how can anyone coming to a survey from this advert give a fair opinion - "Oh yes I think the government should give more money to people who won't work than to hardworking families" How about to people who get assessed like this? Or this?

Oh but of course if you're in genuine need that's okay they're only targeting those to lazy to work who treat the benefit system as a right. I mean how else can you explain a 40% rise in convictions for benefit fraud? Have you been paying attention to my posts regarding statistics? That's a rise from 7,040 to almost 10,000. How many people on benefits in this country? Including all types of benefits - 30,000,000. So that's 0.03% convictions. So either there's a lot of genuine cases out there or those work-shy are damn good at not being caught.

But hey when have facts ever got in the way of good old political rabble rousing? Locate your supporters, find a group they don't like, and charrrrrrge!