Friday, December 21, 2012

Coping with the end of the end of the world

It's now 11:12 GMT one minute past the end of the world and for all those believers still standing there's only one thought passing through their minds "How do I explain this in a way that won't make me look like an idiot?". Here's hoping I can help you out:

Tip #1. Go for the metaphysical. The world has ended, but not the physical world is was never going to be that; instead it's the dawning of a new spiritual world.

Bonus. Your claim can never be refuted.

Tip #2. Mistranslation. The Mayan calendar really started later so the end of the world is still yet to come.

Bonus. You can do this all over again.

Tip #3. "Hah fooled you" not as good as the first two in that this makes you look like a jerk rather than an idiot, but hey go with it if you've nothing else

Bonus. You can do this with any other idiotic thing you say in the future

Tip #4. Realise that this was all a crock of shit; go back into education; and learn about science.

Bonus. Actually learning something... yeah whom I kidding if you've gone this far you'd best stick with one of the first three options.