Monday, June 11, 2012

Trying to buy a San Diego from Orange

I've been having charging problems with my existing phone; it seems to be the actual charging connection rather than the battery or lead. Time for a new phone. I've been holding off until the new Orange San Diego (was the Santa Clara) came out with its price plan. It came out last week so I headed to the Orange Shop in Kidderminster to take a look at it.

Well that was the plan.

With a new phone out I'd expected it to be displayed prominently; at the very least some advertising in the window.

I walked in and there were two staff each dealing with a customer and one person looking around. I went through all the phones to find the San Diego - not in sight.

I waited.

Another person came in and joined one of the customers at which point they started a discussion between themselves, but hadn't finished the transaction.

The other sales assistant was still dealing with a customer who appeared to be having some trouble with her phone. All sorted he then helpfully decided to check if she was due for an upgrade.

I waited. As he stepped away for a second I interrupted him and asked if they had any San Diego's. The response was that they should have some in stock out the back.

I took a booklet and left.

Okay his mind was slightly elsewhere, but I'm inquiring about a phone that they've only just had in and should be advertising to the hilt and this was the lukewarm response.


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