Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good old national politics

With a vote in the House of Commons on instigating an investigation into whether culture secretary Jeremy Hunt misled Parliament we see politics as usual.

Cameron says it's not necessary thus sending a message to his fellow Conservatives to protect a fellow Conservative.

Ed Milliband is pushing some questions indicating Labour should investigate this Tory.

And the Lib Dems? Clegg has instructed his Party members to abstain.

Yup they don't support it enough to vote for it, but because they're in a coalition they really can't vote against it either. One Lib Dem MP appeared on the BBC's Breakfast news and used a large quantity of words to basically state that had they still been in opposition the outcome would be different.

They're all the same - if it's one of 'ours' caught doing something it's no big deal, but if it's one of 'theirs' they should have the full force of Parliament brought down upon them.

Are we ever going to find a Party who thinks that the rules should apply equally to everyone, even if/when they end up in government themselves?


Orphi said...

Would you want to lose that cushy lifestyle and all that money?

I read somewhere about the Governor of California. You know the guy, Arnold Schwarzenegger (!) At first, it sounds like an absurd idea. Obviously everybody's going to vote for him, because [unlike all the other candidates] everybody has actually heard of him.

But then somebody pointed something out: He doesn't need the money.

He's already absurdly rich. He's already famous to the point of legend. So the only reason for taking this job is… because he actually wants to improve stuff.

Now imagine of more politicians were like that. If they wanted the job because they thought they could do it better, rather than because they want the money and power that comes with it. How different might things be?

FlipC said...

Ah yes the former governor Arhnuld; the minor flaw it that type of thinking is that just because someone has a lot of money that they don't want more.

Even if that weren't true that would result in politicians only being those with large sums of money most likely a bunch of privately educated millionaires with zero experience or empathy with the vast majority of the country.

Can you imagine it? ;-)

Orphi said...

Well, I don't know, rich people are probably quite busy people. Who'd want to be even more busy? Unless they really want to make things better.

Then again, yeah, I can see how it probably wouldn't really solve the problem either.

PS. This editor's utter refusal to accept <em> and only accept <i> is really irritating me now.

FlipC said...

Feel free to play "Count the millionaires" on the front bench and tell me with a straight face that you think they're there to make things better.

Well okay make things better for themselves and their friends and people like them perhaps.

Yes the comment editor is seriously dumb compared to the main editor. That's even intelligent enough to recognise Ctrl+I; I;m not sure why they don't update it.

I'll check I'm not got some bizarre 'Use ancient editor' box ticked somewhere, but I don't think so.

Orphi said...

It seems to be some universal law that blogging software is all unspeakably lame and buggy. I have no idea why…

FlipC said...

No that's the law for mobile mail software.

Seriously I'm having exactly the same problem on my Android that DaBoss is having on his iPhone despite using completely different email services and programmes.