Friday, June 15, 2012

A new convert to the PS3 fold

Bratus Major's XBox 360 has been having 'problems' something to do with the hard drive; the outcome is that he can't save his games which is a actual problem. I'm sure this have nothing to do with some bit of stuff he acquired from his best friend; no indeedy it's pure coincidence that said best friend's Xbox has also failed.

So far so what? Well the best friend, whose parents I'm led to believe from accounts seem to belong to the "money>sense" club, have ditched the Xbox route and switched over to the PS3. In order to continue to play with him that means Major is in the market for a PS3 and this has resulted in a dialogue between myself and his father as to what model to pick up etc.

For those coming from the XBox side this is surprisingly easy - there are only two models available and the only difference is the hard drive size which is home-upgradable anyway. In other words go for the cheaper 160Gb model and upgrade to something huge later if necessary. The only downside is the one that came up regarding the inability to upgrade a PS3 sub-account; but that's their lookout.

Of course he's still got a ton of XBox games which he won't be able to play and it's not a case of being able to pass them down to Bratus Minor without a console to match. Fortunately there's a CEX in Worcester which is likely to have more stock and trade-in than GAME, which is getting a little lacking in that department.

So the good news is that I'll be able to play games over the 'net with him; the bad news is that he'll now be able to borrow my games and my blu-ray movies and I'll get the same level of "How do you..." I get from Minor.