Thursday, January 17, 2008


Just a quickie, a letter from the Land Registry oddly enough about some land. When registering some land some time ago it turns out that in their infinite wisdom they'd included a sliver that a) didn't belong to us and b) we didn't ask to be registered to us; both of which were things that they themselves point out. Now the rightful owners are trying to get that sliver re-registered under their own names, but we're the ones listed as owning it so despite knowing both "a" and "b" we get a notice asking if we have any objections.

So far so ruled by green cloth, the best bit is in the accompanying letter that tells us objections need to be in before noon on 25 January 2007, fortunately the explanatory notes remove the time-travel requirements necessary to lodge a complaint and puts the date at 5 February 2008.

Obviously a typo, except of course even if they'd got the year correct in the letter it still wouldn't match up with the other one.