Thursday, December 20, 2007


Found the Dunley Road closed to traffic last night, now I found out why; well sort of - "being in collision with a lorry" what does that mean? Was he in a car, was he a pedestrian. I also find it interesting that this is reported as a "in Worcestershire" suggesting this report was 'lifted' from elsewhere. Anyway a police car was parked across the Dunley Road directing traffic up Areley Common for it to become hopelessly lost.

I got a nice response from's MD with regard to the spam comment in "A relaxing weekend" apparently they were using a link-building programme (possibly a third-party) and have stopped it as soon as they found out what it/they were doing. However I was interested in the following line

"We aren't even sure why links were made in all these blogs as they are nofollowed [sic] and therefore provide us no SEO benefit."
Which implies if they were followed and provided SEO benefit that that would be alright. Well it was an apology and you don't always get those so I'm happy.

Fiona Phillips on GMTV a couple of days ago interrupting Penny Smith on the news. Penny had just read out the last item about Britney Spears [however you spell it I don't care] sister's pregnancy when an un-microphoned voice shouted out "She can't be mumble mumble", which also goes to show how loud Fiona can be as well as rude. Penny the professional looked slightly dazed for a second before the cameras switched to Fiona who repeated that the women can't be pregnant as she's Zoe 101 [?], "don't you watch the Cartoon Network?" back to Penny looking a little blank before she rounds up and hands back. Yes I'm sure the childless Ms. Smith is glued to the non-terrestrially broadcast channel for children. I don't know if Fiona's getting more annoying or if I'm just tolerating her less?

In the interests of fairness GMTV (yesterday I believe) after having the PM on they got Cameron to do a few words. Trouble is as soon as he opens his mouth I now substitute in words from Armstrong and Miller's airman -

'Cameron here, it is like Christmas you know and shit and I got three rug-rats who are all like 'It is Christmas and stuff' and like really excited and shit you know. They are like really excited to go to the local panto which is like phat and is the bomb and shit you know. You should come, it is well fun'

At which point I tuned him out.

A bit late now, but after playing "Fairytale of New York" uncensored for 20-odd years with no complaints Radio 1 decided for some reason to bleep out "faggot" and "slut" prompting a full of day of complaints and the instant reversal of said policy. Ah our money well-spent. As has been mentioned in several places elsewhere we hope this publicity prompts people to go out and buy the single to prevent that 12 year-old X-Factor winner from reaching No.1 (No I don't know old he really is, but that was my first impression after seeing him).

As a joyous evening I got to hear my father practice reading out a little (thankfully very short) Christmas tale about 10 times; sorry love him to bits, but he couldn't tell a story if his life depended on it. In self-defence I think my brain shut-down around attempt 5.

Oh and I caught Kate Nash with an acoustic rendition on Freshly Squeezed this morning, I don't care much for her songs (vaguely catchy), but she can play a guitar so if her career falls through she can take up busking. Most amazing fact was that she actually looked attractive. Someone should tell the media that naturally pale redheads do not look good under strong light, and in no way should she ever wear that bright red-lipstick again. Her mouth just shouted red emphasising her lower jaw and thus made her eyes look smaller and closer-set.


Don B said...

As I had never heard of "Fairytale of New York" till yesterday (!!!) and even then it had to hit Radio 4 in a story about Radio 1's instant reversal of policy. Radio 4 then had to go on to explain to its listeners that
"faggot" and "slut" were derogatory slang terms. I have to admit I thought a faggot what something the Good King Wenceslas collected and took home to light the fire with followed with a meal of a ball of chopped meat and liver mixed with bread and herbs stuffed in to a bladder and cooked in a pigs fat caul.
As for a slut I had assumed that meant a "slovenly woman"
An alternative meaning was given so fast that I only caught the jist of the meaning that could be considered by a few as offensive. If the offensive meaning is so obscure surely and has to be expalained to a huge chunck of the population this is one more case of pc going mad?

FlipC said...

With no disrespect intended I heard exactly the same thing from another person of your generation so may be a generation thing.

From another person after I sung the Galway Bay bit "Oh yeah never knew who that was, never really listened to the words"

Sadly it seems that it doesn't matter if you can find 60 million people who don't mind (or don't care) about something you just need one who does complain for it to be whisked away under a rug.

Me being me, of course, I knew fagot [sic] for bundle and its derivations including the derogatory slang.

The difference in UK to US usage is made fun of in "Good Omens" when the Witchfinder shows a US soldier a card that requests that he surrender up 'faggots'
"Because we burn them"
and they said Britain was soft'