Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still here!

Holiday caught up with me. So it's been a week of barking the front, fixing new gutters, and basic outdoor cleaning with little time for anything else.


Orphi said...

I saw this and though of you.

Orphi said...

OK, well I thought it was amusing…

Also, my dad got me Assasin's Creed for my birthday. (Note the absense of a “2” in there.) We'll see if I can get that to work later. If I'm really lucky, I might be able to “register” the disk with Steam and add it to my Steam games list.

FlipC said...

No, no it was I just wish the game did present guards like that ;-)

Hmm AC1, yeah. It's okay but once you go 2 you'll never go back.

One tip, when the indicator flashes yellow (you'll see) the game advises you to drop into 'hidden' mode; don't bother. Unless you do something active like try to climb something, bump into someone, start running or, yeah, kill someone, it'll normally stay yellow and not turn red.

There I've probably saved you about three in-game hours of very slow walking about :-)