Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Balloons for Baby P

From the Shuttle. Tempted to add a comment there, but decided to do it here where it may offend less people.

Why? Will anyone there know Baby P, or the family? Will this release of balloons act as a signal to the government to tighten up procedures? If we were to release a balloon for every child in this country who was killed in this way, hell let's not be prejudiced here, let's release one for every child in the world who has died this way and we'd have a balloon shortage.

Would everyone there be doing the same if this story hadn't been whipped into a mad frenzy by the press, do we hold such events for those who don't make the national papers?

“I felt like I needed to do something. I think there are a lot of people who feel the same.”
Sums up the helplessness of us all doesn't it. A government service appears to fail in its duty (a duty that we all pay for) and the only thing we can think to do about it is to visit the park and release some balloons.

This is all the flipside of 'Murder in far-away county' that has us bolting our doors and peering nervously out despite the fact it happened 200 miles away and had never happened here in living memory. It's all brought to our personal level regardless of whether it is or not.


Tav said...

Have you read the comment from KatB. Interesting...

FlipC said...

Perhaps they could go out and drop plastic bags instead ;-)