Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hello your computer has a trojan

A phone call in the middle of eating asking about my computer and that it was infected by a trojan horse and could I get in front of my computer

"No it's not" I replied "How did you get this number?"
"It came up a part of the server report"
"No how did you connect my IP address to this number?" Given that my land line doesn't have broadband and isn't even with the same company
"You've registered this number"
"With whom? Also as it's a dynamic address the only easy you could connect it up is via my ISP whom you have not mentioned"
"It's part of the server report"
"What server?"
"The World Wide Web server"
"There's no such thing, who are you what company are you from?"
"As I said the World Wide Web"
"There's no such entity"
"So what does www mean on the Internet?"
"That's just an address protocol it's not an entity it's not a company, who are you?"
"I think you should just hang up sir"
"Why don't you?"
"I can't"


Richard T said...

It ranks with a call a friend of mine had about a fault on her pc which was attributed to windows reporting. She strung them along for a bit, pressing the caller, like you, for the name of their organisation. In the end she gave in and asked whether they could explain how they got an error message when she was not on any form of internet connection. At that point the caller put the phone down on her.

Richard T said...

PS, glad to see you're back.

FlipC said...

I'm glad I'm back too :) I was tempted to process their request on my phone and then ask exactly how all these Windows viruses got onto it, but I was in the middle of eating. Coincidentally I then caught the end of some BBC programme detailing this very occurrence and how it had conned money out of people.