Friday, February 01, 2013

Argentina saying no to democracy?

With talks over the Falklands up pops the news that Argentina won't have any discussions if the current inhabitants are present; Britain on the other hand is insisting they be able to participate. So that's Argentina determining that the current population shouldn't be have any say in their own future - nice one.

So that's a big +1 in Democracy to Britain. Or at least it would be if we all didn't know the only reason we want them there is because they're all pro-British. If they'd suddenly turned pro-Argentina we'd be the ones trying to keep them out with Argentina insisting on their presence.


Unknown said...

I believe Britain is saying no to world democracy. The United Nations have already explained the world that in these cases the population should not have any say. Argentina is accepting the law that the world has agreed on and it is Britain who wants to do the opposite. I have been living in Argentina apartments for a while and I noticed that Argentineans are a very democratic kind of people, you would be surprised. And Britain is the last country that should be called democratic, they have colonized almost the entire world, are you kidding me???

FlipC said...

Except the UN isn't the 'world'; it's a set of unelected appointed officials. If they've decided that the people (demos) shouldn't be consulted then they too are being undemocratic.

As for colonising the entire world, you do realise Argentina was a Spanish colony a country which pretty much took over the vast majority of South America?