Friday, December 02, 2011

Christmas alcohol sales pricing

An email popped up from Saimsbury's about the great savings they're offering for lager and cider; hmmm cider okay I'll bite and take a look.

This cider is reduced in price; this you can buy two of for this price; this you can buy three of for this price and this comes in three different sizes with different prices. So yeah easy to sort out or at least it would be if they displayed the saving and the price per litre. Beyond the extra information why would this be useful?

Consider the Stella Artois offers at the bottom of the page. Buy one 568ml bottle for £1.61 instead of £2.15 they even state it's 25% off. However I could buy eight 568ml for £10 instead of £11.95. Which is the better deal?

1.61/2.15=0.75 That is £1.61 is 75% of £2.15 and therefore is a 25% (1-0.75) saving just as they say.
10/11.98=0.83 That is £10 is 83% of £11.98 and therefore is a 17% (1-0.83) saving.

The single bottle is the largest percentage difference and therefore the better deal... or is it. How much do I actually get?

568ml = 0.568 litres 1.61/0.568 = 2.83. Therefore for the single bottle I would be paying £2.83 per litre. For the eight bottles that would be 10/(0.568*8) = 2.20 or £2.20 per litre.

So despite the single bottle offering the greater percentage off the eight bottle set is the better deal as a price per litre which is really the important thing. The full results are as follows:

[Update - I've altered this since WalkerNo5's comment and then re-altered it since mine own. The columns are as follows - Product; Number of products per unit; Percentage saving from normal price to sales price; Sales price per litre; Percentage of alcohol per product; Sales price per alcohol in litres; Amount of sales price per litre that contributes towards actual alcohol content]

NumbersavingSale/l ABVprice/l alcSale/ml alc
Aspall Dry421%£2.80 7.00%£39.94 £0.20
Aspall Perronelle120%£4.10 5.40%£75.93 £0.22
Babycham447%£2.50 6.00%£41.67 £0.15
Bulmers Crisp122%£2.93 4.50%£65.21 £0.13
Bulmers No17122%£2.93 4.00%£73.36 £0.12
Bulmers Original432%£1.99 4.50%£44.19£0.09
Friels Pure17%£2.93 4.90%£59.88 £0.14
Frome Valley116%£3.33 6.00%£55.56£0.20
Henney's Vintage116%£3.33 6.50%£51.28 £0.22
Kopparberg420%£2.25 4.50%£50.00 £0.10
Magners Irish118%£2.93 4.50%£65.21£0.13
Magners Irish839%£1.76 4.50%£39.12£0.08
Magners Original42%£3.03 4.50%£67.34£0.14
Magners Pear118%£2.93 4.50%£65.21£0.13
Magners Pear412%£3.03 4.50%£67.34£0.14
Magners Pear839%£1.76 4.50%£39.12£0.08
Sainsbury's Vintage118%£3.33 6.00%£55.56£0.20
Savanna Dry116%£3.33 5.50%£60.61£0.18
Stella Artois125%£2.83 4.50%£62.99£0.13
Stella Artois817%£2.20 4.50%£48.90£0.10

Biggest 'bang for your buck' Magners Irish or Pear eight-packs.


walkerno5 said...

Now you need to include relative alcohol by volume and then we'll really have "bang for buck".

FlipC said...

Ta da! Gosh I wonder if there's a reason that the ABV values aren't displayed except on the main product description?

Still Magners Irish or Pear eight packs; but look at the Aspall - £151.85 per litre of actual alcohol!

Also worth pointing out the massive difference between the single of Stella Artois compared to the eight pack.