Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Gang warfare

And so I see that it's the turn of this government to tackle 'anti-social behaviour' focussing on gang culture. Apparently this is a move prompted by the riots, which is amusing as the official analysis stated that gangs didn't play a pivotal role in those disturbances.

But hey when have politicians ever let facts get in the way of policy?

However this pressure on gangs introduces an important question - What is a gang? According to the BBC story the government are defining a gang as

loose groupings of young people involved in criminality, defending their "territory" and fighting with other gangs.
So Party MPs then? Perhaps not so young, and their grouping is more formal rather than "loose", but involved in criminality (expense claims?); defending their territory and fighting with other gangs (need I give examples?).

Yup they kind of fit the definition and as such it's important that authorities intervene lest a young member of this society becomes ensnared by these so called 'Parties'.