Monday, August 06, 2012

Saturday downpour

I now have a dash mount for my phone that will allow me to take videos of my journey. Did I fix it on Saturday as I was driving back form Kidderminster? No of course I didn't.

Driving down the dual-carriageway as I approached the tip I could spy what appeared to be a white haze on the horizon. As I drew level with the slip-road it started to rain. I turned my wipers on, I slowed down. I turned my wipers on to their maximum setting, slowed down some more and flicked on my side-lights for the rear reds.

I couldn't see the lines on the road. I came out the dual and flicked my lights on to normal so people coming the other way knew I was there. All the drains instantly couldn't cope and we were all sloshing through massive puddles. Then after I'd gone through the town it just stopped.

It was if a cloud just emptied itself on us.