Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Mark Garnier newsletter

It seems posing a question by email to our local MP signs one up to receiving his newsletter. As such the October 2011 appeared in my inbox. I have no problem with this and I can always ask to be removed. So what news does our representative have for us?

Kidderminster is not going to become a site for a British enterprise zone, however we are getting

a planning order signed to encourage a speeding up of the planning process to enable new business to relocate to Kidderminster more quickly.
So is anything to do with the Local Development Order which
would allow the fast tracking of planning processes for future development
and was created by the District Council via an Act under the Labour government in 2004?

The Gypsy etc. sites also make the 'front' page as Mark's received "hundreds of emails and letters". I note he's not challenging the sites that have been chosen for us to choose from merely the number of pitches that Wyre Forest is required to have. At least he makes clear he has no authority in this matter and thus asks that any who contacted him also do so formally to the WFDC site, which incidentally requires you to login to use.

Some pure news in that by next Autumn Kidderminster is looking to get the same ultra-fast broadband that should be going live in Stourport next Spring. Makes sense if they're already adding the infrastructure to Stourport.

On the 'back' page we can read Mark's view on Europe. Pretty much a rehash of Dave's - it's good for us, but parts are bad for us. No mention on the referendum or how he voted and why.

A logical snippet regarding the boundary review and having Hartlebury included within the Wyre Forest district. If we're going that far I'd also like to point out the incongruity of having Astley and Dunley in Malvern.

Finally some pictures of all the things Mark's been doing for us... one quirk of the English language though regarding the Family Intervention Project
which offers vital support to problem families
Is that families who are having problems, families that are causing problems, or a mixture of both?