Monday, December 20, 2010

Surely a mistake in PSN pricing?

Over the weekend while browsing the Playstation Store I spotted a couple of add-ons for Force Unleashed II or (FU2 as I really love calling it). Some extra skins to change the appearance of the character and a bonus mission.

As I found the game slightly repetitive and overly short I was about to pass on by when I spied the price - 79p each. What's the catch? No catch - a bunch of skins and a whole mission.

Now when you can be charged 79p each for a skin and mission's range around the fiver mark; how could I resists the £1.58 allure of content? Short answer I couldn't.

So was it supposed to be 79p each and £7.99 for the mission? All the sites have it listed as 79p so I guess not; but hell guys way to make all the other companies look like profiteers. Keep it up.