Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Sync up with MobileMe on the laptop and it seems fine, sync up with the computer and it overwrites the contacts, then creates a new calendar and wipes the old one.

Try to reset it and it fouls up Outlook on the computer and loses the calendars entirely on MobileMe. Then it decides it can't sync the laptop calendar and the computer Outlook won't start.

Everything's just seriously fouled up.

I'm going to run the scanpst file and remove MobileMe and reinstall it and see what happens.

[Update - Yep errors detected, but Outlook still wouldn't run until I totally killed MobileMe. Now it's up and running and I'm merging data; so let's just see what happens to the MobileMe Calendar and the laptop calendar]

[Update - Huzzah after creating a calendar called "Calendar" on MobileMe it and the laptop are talking; now I'm going to replace the data on the computer with MobileMe and hope it doesn't create another calendar like it did last time. To see if it works I've added a Test appointment in the past. If it shows up on the computer it works again]

[Update 7/10 - Well after leaving it all night it's finally settled down. A folder and appointment on the computer showed up on MobileMe and an appointment on the laptop showed up on the computer. As it stands I can't test the iPhone; but all information exists on the MobilMe cloud so it should be fine]