Monday, October 04, 2010

Need my fix

With my PS3 away for the third time I've been getting antsy when bored at home. Sure I can read a book, or watch a film, but that doesn't satisfy the activity centred parts of my brain. So I dug out my PS2.

Three years ago it started having disc read errors on some discs; at the time I thought I'd wait until it failed completely then pick up a PS3. Then Sony dropped the bombshell that they were stripping out the already borked PS2 compatibility from the next models so I dug deep and grabbed one of the older models while I could.

With that in hand it made no sense to keep my PS2 plugged in; but me being me I thought it prudent to keep it around lest my PS3 prove not up to the task with the older games. So back into the original box it went, sealed up and popped it away.

During that period I passed on my SCART connector and controller to Bratus Minor so I had to locate my non-Sony controller and the old Yellow/White/Red AV input. Plugged it all in, switched the input on my TV and checked the settings.

As I've said it's been powered off for three years. The clock was 10 minutes fast. That's impressive. Sadly without the upscaling provided by the PS3 it looks very blocky and it doesn't handle 16:9 very well, but it's enough to scratch an itch. I sorted my old memory cards and pumped my way through Rez and then gave Psi-Ops another blast. Still good games. Only a shame my old light-gun games won't work as they should with an LCD; then again they did give me finger-cramp.