Friday, October 01, 2010

Incident on the Stour Bridge

For anyone looking at all the traffic trapped in Stourport and queueing back from the lights in Vale Road we have a car stopped on the Stour bridge with a police car behind it and two officers directing traffic around it.

Applause is due to the blue pick-up coming out of Baldwin Road who upon seeing the blockage decided to cut through the petrol station despite the fact they could see that the exit was blocked by the Gilgal traffic. Beeping your horn does not suddenly give the cars magical powers of movement.

Oh and just to add joy none of this was aided by the hearse outside the church blocking lane 3 of Vale Road.


Unknown said...

Having sat in it for 30mins only to realise I forgot something so I had to go back up Mitton St. I did though see exactly the seen as described. So attempt two to leave stourport. I was amazed after another 30mins queuing to see all the same. I called the station to ask why the vehicle was not being moved off the bridge and into a side street. First I was told it was a major RTA, when I told them of the scale of tailbacks and 1 police officer standing in the rain with his hands in his pockets, the operator the n told me it was not a normal situation. even the driver could not move it. sounds like he was in gaol by then anyway. This was a criminal investigation and it MUST be lifted so as not to damage the forensic evidence inside the car.

chaos for no reason. there was some minor damage to a wing.

FlipC said...

Good to see the Shuttle have given us more information about this... oh wait nothing yet.