Thursday, October 07, 2010

Famous people shouldn't be deported

A huge outcry has appeared in the tabloids about the plans to deport someone who has appeared on television. The mother of X-Factor reject Gamu Ngazana has been refused permission to stay in the UK after her visa expired in August; as she is listed as a dependent this would also see Gamu herself being deported.

Crowds have gathered around her home in Clackmannanshire to show support to the family in their bid to stay in the UK all united in the fact that Gamu had appeared on some television show with famous people.

A random spokesman said "It is quite clear from the reaction of the press that Ms. Ngazana is famous and thus normal rules do not apply to either her or her family at least until such time that the press decides that it's unfair that the normal rules don't seem to apply to her."

Ms Ngazana has appeared in the press prior to this for being rejected from said television show while being under the influence of being black.