Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Traffic fun

What the hell happened last night to Stourport? Queue up Worcester Road, queue up Hartlebury Road. I finally managed to get to the OGL Island and queued to get to Mitton Street, then queued up that. A queue on Lion Hill and a queue in York Street. Edge down Bridge Street and hit the bridge and nothing.

Nothing in the Shuttle as yet regarding any accidents so I'm guessing it was some idiot parked in either York Street or Bridge Street blocking the larger vehicles and creating the tailback.

Once again I've never seen a warden around when I'm heading home from work of an evening despite the parking restrictions in town running until 6pm.

Amusingly the traffic lights on Worcester Road opposite Cooks had no effect as the queue from the island reached that far. You wouldn't have been able to move even had they not been there. Speaking of which I thought it was a requirement to have "Wait here" signs next to temporary traffic lights. Oh and one more thing who the hell put that diversion sign in Mitton Street? Half on the pavement half on the road, both are narrow and it's an obstruction. Particularly stupid considered there's a large splitter section a little further up.

[Update - Yes the lights are supposed to have signs I've reported it, and the sign in Mitton Street]


Unknown said...

Big crash at Blackstone yesterday afternoon. Lorry turned over and the road was closed for 4 hours.

Traffic at Burlish Crossing for Bewdley was being turned round and told to go via Stourport town centre and then the Switchback.

I went straight over to Lickhill so apart from long queues up Kingsway it wasn't too bad.

The road re-opened at 6

FlipC said...

Ah here we are; an afterthought on this story which is why I missed it.

OK can't be helped, interesting diversion though; I wonder if they gave the same instructions to the larger vehicles? Be a sight to see them heading up Bewdley High Street.

FlipC said...

Additional - Just had a call from WCC about the diversion sign; all these signs are due to the closure of Bewdley High Street.

Mentioned to him the Blackstone accident and how I'd been told that traffic had been diverted up the switchback.

"Oh dear"