Sunday, April 25, 2010

PS3 Update problems

Some people reported problems with the last 3.21 update when downloading from via the PS3, I certainly noticed it was slow and as it ties up the entire PS3 while running decided to download it via the computer with no bad results.

Now 3.30 has been released and yesterday I tried to do the same. I st it off and left it. Came back to see how it was doing and was surprised to see it had finished. Last time it was a 168,208KB file; as each update contains the previous I don't  think the 48Mb file it had downloaded as complete was quite right.

I repeated the download 20-70kb/sec so I cancelled - just started re-downloading it before I started typing and it's just finished the full 170,409KB - 600kb/sec.

Methinks Sony's servers can't keep up with the pressure and this may be leading not only to the sluggish downloads, but the problems some people have been having.

[Update 27/4 - as an additional joy it seems this latest update is royally screwing with Dragon Age: Origins with the game constantly freezing up since the update. The talk is that earlier save games are causing the problems, which wouldn't be a real problem if they weren't frakking locked so you can't save them externally without doing a full frakking backup of the entire frakking system... thank you EA]