Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All the political leaflets

According to the BBC (because certainly no-one local is giving out this information) we have six candidates standing for MP of Wyre Forest and I've had leaflets from them all. All of which of been scanned by me and added to The Straight Choice website except the Conservative one which was added by Tav 'cos I thought it was already present (old age galloping on)

This is an excellent site and allows us, the plebs, to keep an eye on what's being promised by what member in what area. On a less important note it allows us to see how each party are producing their missives.

Compare Sam Burden from Bromsgrove with Mike Foster from Worcester. Pretty much a template design with fill in a name and pledges. Compare that to our own Nigel Knowles' version and Katy Clarkes' in North Ayrshire; another template.

Not just Labour. Compare our own Mark Garnier with Andrew Garnet in Liverpool; don't those look similar. Although not everyone from the Conservatives have done the same thing.

The Lib Dems are at it too with Simon McDougall from Bognor Regis and Derek Deedman from Arundel

At least there's some individualism, it seems that both UKIP and the BNP have a one size fits all approach

Please understand I'm not criticising this practice, it makes sense for a party to present simple templates that their candidates can use; it's just that for pretty much the first time we get to see it in action.

I'll run some simple compare and contrasts just to see what if anything gets shaken out.


Tav said...

There is a weblog for 'The Straight Choice': http://blog.thestraightchoice.org/