Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Nicola Roberts and tanning gossipy

It's possible to see the BBC Breakfast interview here. Have to say not liking the hair in the report.

Just seems to scream both 80's and American Reporter to me. The one she sports on the sofa is better
Meh I think she just looks better with long hair, either way it's better than the dye jobs she had and what with the press always seeming to pick on her it's nice to see her confident enough to wear colours and make-up that suit her and not the ones that suit the other band members.


Orphi said...

…and we're supposed to take anything this human says seriously?? WTF?

FlipC said...

She's talking about something she's had and still has personal experience of that's got to be better than slogging off to Africa to tell us we should be donating to well-digging and school-building.

If the fact she's a celebrity means she gets air and print time over an expert then at least it's for a more weighty matter than how her hair looks ;-)

Orphi said...

It's just difficult to believe that this is a real person and not some made-up character in a bad CGI movie, that's all. :-)

FlipC said...

You should have seen the person she was interviewing in the report.