Monday, September 21, 2009

Weavers Wharf and the vanishing cycle bars

I didn't get down to Weavers Wharf this weekend to get any clear shots of the greenhouse shoved onto the side of Slingfield Mill in the name of Debenhams; however Jim and his lovely wife cycled in and as is their custom headed there to chain their bikes up to the bars provided. That's the spot on the right where um the bikes are parked.

Don't get used to the view

They bollards and bars have been removed; moreover where they were have apparently been filled in so it doesn't seem to be a temporary 'while the greenhouse was being built' measure. As a result everyone was using the railings that at least are still there and then further around, and then the protective cages around the trees at the car-park such as the one shown bottom right here which weren't designed for that.

Don't get used to the view

So is this as per the wishes of Debenhams? Do they not want a cycle park outside their shiny new atrium? Has it been moved, or simply abandoned? I'll take a look next weekend and grab some photos as well as visit the new Debenhams.