Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Road closure?

The Road Closed sign is still up on Worcester Road at Countryside Nurseries and another further down near Discovery Road. Passing through to Mitton Street last night the entire left side from Gilgal was closed off all the way over the bridge. Now seeing as you can't get out of Baldwin Road at the moment and that they're actually working close to the garage so you can't turn left out of there towards the island; why is the entire lane blocked off? Even more puzzling is the big arrow at the end of the road closure at the island exit directing you to the lane you're supposed to be in.

Are the workers under the impression that this is a one-way system and that they have to stop traffic heading from the island in the right-hand lane? It makes no sense.

Anyway they've set up 10mph signs on this stretch despite the STW rep telling me they couldn't do this on Gilgal because nobody would obey them; they also had a couple of hoses halfway across the road spewing out water into the area next to their pumping station (?) into the drain just before the bridge. As locals will know and long-term readers may remember this is the area that turns into a massive puddle every time it rains as the drain fails to cope. Now imagine the situation with two hoses aimed at it and recall that this is next to a pedestrian footpath - slosh.

Now me being a silly sausage might have a) not left the hoses ending in the middle of the lane allowing water to run across the road and b) used longer hoses running along the works and the blocked lane and off the bridge into the river. No fear of drenching anyone as the river is non-navigable at this point and has no footway. But what do I know?


Don B said...

I suppose it is classed as contaminated water and therefore has to go down the storm drains and be treated instead of straight into the River Stour

FlipC said...

Good point I assumed it was mains water; at the very least they could have found hoses long enough to reach the drain.