Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 14 of withdrawal

This is indeed day 14 of my Playstation 3-less existence. A call last week to Sony gave me a 'within 21 days' so I should have it back by next Thursday.

The largest consequence I've found is that browsing the normal sites I do in terms of gaming leaves me thinking "Oo I'll just have a quick go on Batman", getting the HDTV left me with "I'll see what Fallout3 and Bioshock look like now" before remembering I haven't got it. Extending the metaphor beyond good taste it's as if I reach out to pick something up before remembering my arm was amputated (it hasn't been by the way); it's just a hole, a gap in my life I can't quite grasp is (isn't) there.

The odd thing is that I'm not a compulsive gamer, I'm not on it every night as soon as I get home to when I sleep, chomping down dinner as I navigate the wasteland; if I get an average of an hour a day that's it and that includes weekends. Yet the PS3 wormed it's way into my default state of being  - a quick 5-minute blast of Burnout Paradise, heck even popping onto the internet was quicker than waiting for my computer to boot up particularly for such trivial things as settling a bet.

It's just slowly become something I can quickly turn to as a tool be it to blow off steam or to educate and inform. I miss it [sob] :-P